I was born in Havana, Cuba, studied Computer Science, like to travel, meet new people, and cultures because I truly think it is the only way to open our minds through new experiences.

I work in all related to software development. I have been the opportunity to work in some industries such as Real Estate, Biometry, Auto, Security, and Telecommunication.

I have been the opportunity to visit almost all Latin countries, even lived in a few of them in South America, a region that I love because it allowed me to grow as a professional, continue studying and work as a software developer. I hope to have some time to share those experiences.

Currently, I am living in the USA a few years ago where the beginning was so tough. Right now, I’m residing in Florida the Sunshine State. During my first three years, I was worked in the Telecommunication and Remittance field where the experience was amazing. After this immersion in those fields, I decided to open my own company to provide technology to the Telecom and Money sender companies.

The main reason for this blog is to share my experiences and thoughts about important stuff for me. Maybe these kinds of stuff will not be important for you at all. You are advised 🙂

Being said this, the content of my blog is filled with all sorts of opinions that are completely my own.

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